iKon Pass College Club Offer 24/25

Special Pricing for College Students On Sale March 14

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iKon Pass

  • Regular Price $1249

iKon Pass

Base Plus
  • Regular Price $1119

iKon Pass

  • Regular Price $869
College Club Discount
Ikon Base Pass – $519 (原价: $869)
Ikon Pass(Full) – $799 (原价: $1249)
Ikon Pass Link: https://www.ikonpass.com/en/shop-passes
需要验证学生身份 (不是非法promo code买卖)
pass类型 (full or base)
成功付款后会收到一个 code
在ikonpass官网粘贴这个 code
Check out. (余额会显示$0)
What to expect after you pay in full for your Ikon Pass: After the pass is paid in full, we will validate that you are currently enrolled in collegiate courses at an accredited university. Once approved, we will upload your information into the Alterra database and you will receive a confirmation email with a code to set up your Ikon Pass profile on ikonpass.com.

Each customer will complete the following steps:

(1) Select pass type according to pass purchased through the our database
(2) Enter the single-use promo code sent to you by us.
Important information regarding your code:
The college discount code is 12 characters long and is a combination of letters and numbers.
The 0’s in the code are ALWAYS zeros. There are no capital letter O’s in the code. If you mistype it, the code will not activate.
The code can ONLY be applied to the Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass. It will work for the adult or young adult age groups. The code will not work on any other type of pass (after the transaction is complete, the code is no longer active).
The website will ALWAYS enter the promo code in capital letters.
The code is not case-sensitive.
The codes must be physically typed in. Copy/Paste will may not activate the code.
(3) Once the code is entered, the price will go down to $0.
(4) Once the transaction is complete, input your; shipping address and sign the liability waiver.

NOTE: Fraudulent Redemption is NOT permitted. Your Ikon Pass Account must match your owe Account

When can I expect to receive my Ikon Pass in the mail? Your pass will not be processed through Alterra until it has been paid in full. Alterra will start processing and mailing passes this fall – date TBD. Passes will not be issued until the 3 steps above are complete.

Can I pick up my Ikon Pass at an Alterra Resort?
Yes, as soon as you activate your pass this fall, you have the option to pick up your Ikon Pass at any Alterra Resort.

What email address should I use to register?
A school affiliated email address (typically end in .edu) is required for registration. Any email address can be used to create your account.